CyberData Releases Cost-Competitive Multicast and InformaCast Wall Mount Speakers

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CyberData’s New Releases Offer CyberData Quality and Affordability with the New Multicast Wall Mount Speaker, Retailing for $255, and the InformaCast Wall Mount Speaker, Retailing for $375.

Monterey, CA - CyberData Corporation continues to shake up the industry when it comes to speakers, releasing two wall mount speakers: the Multicast Wall Mount Speaker, retailing for $255 and the InformaCast Wall Mount Speaker, retailing for $375. These speakers are the wall mount versions of the recently released Multicast Ceiling and InformaCast Ceiling Speakers.

Both Speakers include the following features:
→Supports audio prioritization for 10 multicast paging groups
→Receives pages directly from Polycom phones
→TLS security for autoprovisioning and web-based configuration
→User upgradeable firmware via web interface or autoprovisioning
→Configurable event generation for device health and status monitoring

The InformaCast Ceiling Speaker also:
→Receives Singlewire InformaCast and multicast messages
→Supports Singlewire InformaCast High Quality Audio

CyberData has been very active in 2019 with a total of 10 new product releases – and the year isn’t over yet. “We’ve got a roadmap of new devices and the ability to respond quickly to customer feedback. Releasing cost-competitive wall and ceiling mount speakers was a natural for us. Many customers just don’t need all the bells and whistles, and prefer to have a speaker that can be easily installed, without the need for extra or additional mounting hardware,” said Phil Lembo, CEO/President of CyberData.

When it comes to development of VoIP endpoints, CyberData continues to lead the industry in offering a variety of endpoints for any budget. To learn more about CyberData’s new Multicast Wall Mount Speaker and InformaCast Enabled Wall Mount Speaker or any device in CyberData’s line of VoIP endpoints, please visit

Click here for the pdf of this news release.

About CyberData Corporation:
CyberData Corporation, is a leading OEM design and manufacturing firm that develops peripheral devices for VoIP phone systems that facilitate legacy migration to VoIP, provides IP equivalents to existing analog phone devices and delivers Unified Communications-based Application Specific Endpoints.
Contact: Allyn Donigian

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