OEM Product Design

Have a concept? We design it and manufacture it.

For over 40 years, CyberData Corporation has been producing custom products ranging from small prototypes to full-scale large production runs. We serve many different markets, including VoIP (voice over IP), retail, healthcare, education, security and government. Our vertically integrated design and manufacturing process delivers cost-effective products that are known for sensible functioning, inter-connectivity, quality and durability. Chances are, you’ve come in contact with a device, cable or module that we’ve designed and manufactured, whether under the CyberData name or in partnership with other companies.

We have a full team of engineers for schematic design, layout, embedded software, industrial designed enclosures and regulatory compliance. We have contract manufacturing partnerships, both locally and internationally, for smaller production runs up to tens of thousands at a time. Let us know how we can assist you with your next design or existing product.

Our Relationships

We’ve built numerous OEM and enduser relationships with companies such as those below.


Our custom design services are used by OEMs to meet quick-to-market sales opportunities as well as long-term manufacturing runs. CyberData is the “go to” company for VoIP and retail technology product development. CyberData can help you design and manufacture your custom products. If there is a specific device you need but cannot find readily available on the market, Contact Sales or 1-831-373-2601. Below are real-life examples of some of our OEM devices.

Highway Tollbooths in Spain



Highway tollbooths throughout Spain use a CyberData intercom board, microphone, speaker and pushbutton. The integrator for this project had to present a bid much like the RFP process in the US. The booths required two-way communication devices with web-configuration, adaptive full-duplex voice operation and push to talk function for high noise situations. The integrator won the project and CyberData manufactured the OEM devices.

Pinpoint Communication in the Oakland Arena and Coliseum



Security detail for an NFL sports team needed a new communication device for use during football games. The intensity of the game coupled with the sale of liquor was resulting in situations that required quick action and an overall view of high stress areas within the arena. Using CyberData’s low cost wifi technology, we worked with the customer to design and produce a wearable pendant that met the following criteria:

  • One-button contact for appropriate situation – medical, police, clean-up, etc.
  • Lightweight device with long battery life

Built-in Strobe with glow in the dark keys for night time use

Point-of-Sale Printer Manufacturer

A major Point-of-Sale printer manufacturer needed to enable their mobile printer for USB connectivity. CyberData designed and manufactured a “smart” cable that allowed their serial device to connect to the Host PC via USB connection.

Major PC Manufacturer

A leading manufacturer of PCs contacted CyberData requesting we produce a special reset adaptor board for a high visibility customer. The manufacturer’s normal design and manufacturing cycle could not deliver a solution in time for the customer. CyberData’s team designed and manufactured thousands of the needed adaptors within the required time frame.