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Keep On-site and Mobile Workforces Informed of General and Critical Events   


CyberData’s innovative SIP endpoints can now be used seamlessly with Regroup Mass Notification®, an industry leader in first-in-class mass communication solutions. The robust features of Regroup’s software can integrate and deliver notifications across a VoIP network by adding CyberData’s SIP Paging Server into the client’s overall solution. CyberData’s IP endpoints are TAA compliant and come with Two Year Warranty. Access to Live Domestic Technical Support is included with every CyberData purchase.

Regroup’s Desktop and Mobile Apps

Desktop and mobile apps empower admins, staff, and other group leaders to easily and quickly access the full power of Regroup Mass Notification.


Regroup’s intuitive user interface coupled with CyberData’s SIP endpoints, delivers a compelling and easy-to-use solution that keeps both on-site and mobile workforces informed of general and critical events in their area.

CyberData's SIP Paging Server Multicasts to devices on the LAN to include them in notifications from Regroup.

Industries Served


The SIP Paging Server and receiving devices such as SIP Speakers, Horns, and Strobes are configured to send and receive multicast, respectively.

Once the SIP Paging Server is registered and configured to a VoIP phone with a DID, Regroup Mass Notification® software users can dial the SIP Paging Server directly.

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