Exciting News For Customers Using InformaCast: CyberData’s New InformaCast Enabled Ceiling Speaker Offers Cost Savings And Quality

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CyberData Takes The Lead In Simplifying VoIP Connectivity For Paging, Mass Notification And Access Control, Releasing The New InformaCast Ceiling Speaker That Delivers An Affordable Option At $375 Retail, Without Sacrificing Quality.

Monterey, CA - CyberData Corporation continues its role as the leader when it comes to simplifying VoIP connectivity while addressing cost concerns with the release of the new InformaCast Enabled Ceiling Speaker, an economical Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) public address product that receives InformaCast messages or messaging from a multicast source. CyberData’s latest device, like the recent release of the Multicast Ceiling Speaker carries a competitive price without sacrificing quality, and delivers the crucial functions needed in any InformaCast environment requiring paging.

Multicast refers to a group communication mechanism where audio data can be transmitted to multiple destinations simultaneously. The InformaCast Enabled Ceiling Speaker is capable of receiving both Singlewire’s InformaCast and multicast messages in varied environments such as schools, SMB, healthcare and nursing care facilities, and more.

“We’re all seeing the effects of tariffs on the free market and it concerns us because our mandate is to make quality VoIP endpoints with options that meet conservative budgets. As soon as we released the Multicast Ceiling Speaker, we received calls requesting an InformaCast version,” said Phil Lembo, President and CEO of CyberData. He continued, “Luckily for us,
we are flexible and nimble when it comes to listening to and responding to what our customers and Distributor/VAR network have been telling us, so this release is a natural for us.
We keep hearing that customers need another option. So, very quickly, we’ve developed and delivered that option, without sacrificing the CyberData quality customers have come to expect.”

Additional features include paging prioritization and background music, support for 10 multicast groups, web-based configuration and configurable event generation for device health and status monitoring. These are critical features required by customers such as schools and universities and CyberData was cognizant of these requirements during the development of the device.

When it comes to development of VoIP endpoints, CyberData continues to lead the industry in offering a variety of endpoints for any budget. To learn more about CyberData’s InformaCast Enabled Ceiling Speaker or any device in CyberData’s line of VoIP endpoints, please visit www.CyberData.net.

About CyberData Corporation:
CyberData Corporation, is a leading OEM design and manufacturing firm that develops peripheral devices for VoIP phone systems that facilitate legacy migration to VoIP, provides IP equivalents to existing analog phone devices and delivers Unified Communications-based Application Specific Endpoints

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Contact: Allyn Donigian

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