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LG-CloudPartnersWe’ll be exhibiting at Channel Partners in Washington DC August 15-17. Stop by Booth H67 to see our latest offerings.

CyberData Releases Next Generation Of SIP-enabled IP Speakers

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CyberData and Epygi complete testing and confirm compatibility with the QX IP PBX and release new configuration guide.

CyberData is pleased to announce that interoperability testing with Epygi’s QX IP PBXs is now complete. CyberData’s paging and notifications devices can now be configured on Epygi’s platform, and a new configuration guide is available here. More information is available here.

CyberData Completes Yeastar’s MyPBX Interop Testing

CyberData is pleased to announce that interoperability testing with Yeastar’s MyPBX is now complete. Click here for more information.

CyberData’s paging and notifications devices can now be configured on Yeastar’s platform, and a new configuration guide is available here.

We’re hitting the road!

Come see us in Booth 11141 at ISC West in Las Vegas April 6-8. Register for free, courtesy of CyberData.

Welcome our new partner in Iran – Maham Telecom

CyberData Corporation is very pleased to announce our partnership with Maham Telecom, in Iran. Maham Telecom was founded by a group of qualified experts and specialists in fields of Telecommunication-Security System and Communications. Maham Telecom provides special services in the field of Implementation , Engineering , procurement and supply equipment and materials based on their team’s experience in these fields working with large EPC contractors in Iran.

As we move into this new era of partnership development, we believe Maham’s experience combined with CyberData’s offerings will deliver a complete solution and provide quality services that exceed clients’ expectations.

We’re hitting the road!

We’ll be at EnterpriseConnect in Orlando, FL March 7-9. Come visit us at Booth 1137 to see some of our latest offerings. Be our guest with a complimentary pass.

CyberData’s Singlewire InformaCast® enabled Paging Adapter is now SIP compatible!

In addition to Informacast® broadcasts, The Singlewire/SIP Paging Adapter can be configured to support two separate SIP extensions. SIP extension one passes audio through to the analog output spoken from the caller’s handset. When called, SIP extension two plays a bell audio that can be used as a night ringer when configured in a night ring group. Click here for more information.

CyberData releases its newest notification device, the PoE Digital Clock

The PoE Digital Clock contains CyberData’s exclusive PoE pass-through switch which allows other PoE devices to be daisy chained off of the clock. Click here for more information.

ITExpo in Ft Lauderdale

Come see us at ITExpo in Ft Lauderdale Jan 25th – 28th.

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Come visit us at NRF in NY at Booth 1355 on Jan 17th – 19th.

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Hosted VoIP Server

Redcentric, an IT and cloud services provider based in the United Kingdom and offering a BroadSoft BroadWorks hosted VoIP solution, has validated CyberData products for interoperability.

Redcentric’s installation team will provision and install CyberData products that are validated as interoperable with BroadWorks and the BroadWorks Device Management System. As a result, Redcentric has been added to the CyberData Compatible IP-PBX Servers webpage.

Big News for Polycom Users

CyberData has announced a major feature addition to two of its most popular paging devices, the SIP Paging Adapter and the VoIPV3 Paging server: the ability to page to Polycom phones. With this feature, customers can simultaneously page to both CyberData paging/notification devices and Polycom phones by pressing a paging softkey on a Polycom phone, making it far easier to integrate a diverse group of paging devices in an IP paging solution.

Optimal for connecting to a wide variety of analog paging amplifiers and zone controllers, the SIP Paging Adapter can receive multicast pages from Polycom phones or any industry standard multicast audio source, such as a CyberData V3 Paging Server, as well as phone calls placed to its SIP extension. When making live pages, the SIP Paging Adapter plays up to nine configurable stored pages, or groups the secondary night ringer endpoint for loud ringing to overhead speakers.

The VoIP V3 Paging Server, supporting up to 100 zones, sends multicast pages to CyberData IP Paging Endpoints and Polycom IP phones in addition to forwarding pages and background music to a flexible analog interface for a comprehensive paging solution. A single phone call to the V3 Paging Server’s extension can reach all paging-capable devices on the network and overhead speakers at the same time.

This is big news for Polycom users, as this feature allows the ability to page the entire paging infrastructure simultaneously. It also opens up more opportunities for IP PBX manufacturers who work exclusively with Polycom.

“Polycom users have been asking for this for a long time. Being able to provide this feature in our SIP Paging Adapter and VoIP Paging Server meets the needs of countless customers and will make mass notification with Polycom phones much easier”, said Phil Lembo, President and CEO of CyberData. “In the next phase, we’ll be adding this feature across our product line to include our SIP speakers and intercoms, so that our entire line of SIP-enabled devices is Polycom compliant.”

CyberData Completes Broadsoft Interop Testing

broadsoft-logo-retinaCyberData is pleased to announce that our interoperability testing with Broadsoft is now complete. CyberData’s paging and notification devices can now be configured on Broadsoft’s platform, and new configuration guides are available here.

This is great news for Broadsoft Solution Partners with a need to simplify the deployment of phones with other unified communications endpoints such as CyberData’s SIP-enabled IP mass communication and notification devices. Broadsoft Solution Partners can now provide a more streamlined solution, enabling them to collaborate more effectively with their customers.

ISCWest in Las Vegas

Please visit us in booth 29092 at ISCWest in Las Vegas April 15-17. Register at http://www.iscwest.com/DGP155 for a free guest pass courtesy of CyberData, or go to www.iscwest.com and enter this promo code: DP155.

Enterprise Connect 2015: Orlando

CyberData will be at the 25th Annual EnterpriseConnect Show, March 16-18th. Please stop by Booth #635. For more info http://www.enterpriseconnect.com/orlando/

New York, New York!

CyberData will be at the 104th Annual National Retail Federation Show, January 11-13. Please stop by Booth #1346. For more info http://bigshow15.nrf.com

CyberData Welcomes New Partner

CyberData is pleased to welcome our newest partner, 4sec, into our family of worldwide distributors. Based in Croatia, 4sec helps customers by offering unique solutions and products while maintaining cost efficiency. http://www.4sec.hr

CyberData Expands Its Line of SIP Paging Endpoints

BUSINESSWIRE.COM: CyberData Expands Its Line of SIP Paging Endpoints and Announces the Release of the New Singlewire InformaCast-Enabled Intercom Product Line.

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Podcast: SIP Endpoints and Legacy Conversion Solutions

CyberData’s Bill Majerczak talks with Telcom Reseller’s Gary Audin about SIP endpoints and legacy conversion solutions in this podcast recorded at ITExpo in Las Vegas.

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