CyberData Releases the SIP Large Button Outdoor Intercom for Easy-Press Two-Way Communication and Access Control

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Monterey, CA - CyberData has released a new SIP Outdoor Intercom that can make two-way communication and access control effortless, especially for emergency situations. The SIP Large Button Outdoor Intercom delivers the same functions and features of the standard SIP Outdoor Intercom, including two-way communication, access control, simultaneous SIP and Multicast functionality and more.

One of the standout features of the SIP Large Button Outdoor Intercom is its call button, which is specifically designed to provide reliable and precise contact, even in emergency situations where time is of the essence. This feature is particularly beneficial for settings where users may have limited dexterity or mobility, such as medical facilities or assisted living residences. Additionally, the "easy press" call button is optimal for drive-up entry to secure areas, providing an added layer of security for parking garages, warehouses, and other industrial environments.

“The big red button is a unique feature of this Intercom and really improves user experience, especially in public settings or environments such as long-term care facilities,” said Phil Lembo, President & CEO of CyberData. “We are mindful of the multitude of user experiences. We’ve learned that for certain users, an easy-touch intercom is much more desirable. Receiving this kind of critical feedback about an existing device in order to improve the overall user experience is a gift and we’re happy to deliver on this one.”

This new intercom like all CyberData Intercoms is compatible with most on-prem or cloud-based VoIP systems, including SBCs, Gateways. In addition to its user-friendly features, the SIP Large Button Outdoor Intercom can also be connected to an Auxiliary Strobe Kit, also from CyberData, for ADA-compliant visual notification.

CyberData’s SIP Large Button Outdoor Intercom is shipping now.

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