CyberData Introduces Hybrid Paging Technology™ for Mass Notification With the Cutting-Edge SIP Paging 25V/70V Amplifier

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Monterey, CA – CyberData, a leading innovator in VoIP communication solutions, has announced the launch of the SIP Paging 25V/70V Amplifier, a groundbreaking device that transforms paging and mass notification in both analog and VoIP environments. Offering a fusion of advanced technology, the SIP Paging 25V/70V Amplifier delivers a seamless hybrid paging experience within a single, versatile unit. This solution is a game-changer in the realm of communication, delivering an all-inclusive, cost-effective solution, combining the power of constant voltage, analog, and SIP/multicast technology to meet the diverse communication needs of modern organizations.

The SIP Paging 25V/70V Amplifier offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing organizations to seamlessly integrate their new or existing constant voltage, 25V/70V, or self-powered speakers into a VoIP ecosystem. This unique hybrid capability revolutionizes the way announcements and notifications are broadcast, making it an ideal solution for various settings, including retailers, manufacturing plants, schools, airports, malls, and other large facilities.

Key features of the SIP Paging 25V/70V Amplifier include:

1) Hybrid Paging Technology™: Integrates analog, constant voltage and SIP/Multicast technology for comprehensive coverage.
2) Advanced SIP and Multicast Support with Calendar Scheduling Software: Boasts a bell scheduler with a calendar feature, enabling scheduled bells and prerecorded messages to be disseminated to different multicast zones and analog speakers. Additional features include: two SIP extensions for live paging and night ringer functions, multi-user login capabilities, call-in recording for stored messages, and 1Gb of available space for storing messages, bells, and other audio created by the user.
3) Sole Sourcing: CyberData is the exclusive source for procurement and support.
4) Scalability and Flexibility: Can connect to hundreds of speakers (depending on power settings) and pages to an unlimited number of multicast-enabled endpoints.
5) Enhanced Security: CyberData prioritizes security with TLS 1.2 and SRTP protocols, ensuring that IP endpoints are safeguarded in both local and cloud-based environments.

"The SIP Paging 25V/70V Amplifier represents a significant leap forward in paging and mass notification technology," said Phil Lembo, President & CEO at CyberData. "Our innovative Hybrid Paging Technology™ solution empowers organizations to streamline their communication systems, enhance efficiency, and improve overall safety. Being a single source offers a real convenience for clients and we are proud to offer a product that exemplifies our commitment to excellence and addresses the evolving needs of our customers."

CyberData will begin shipping September 26, and will offer constant voltage and analog speakers that will work seamlessly with the Amplifier such as an IP66 rated horn, and wall and ceiling mounted speakers. Multicast-enabled strobes, such as CyberData’s 011376 Indoor Strobe and 011479 Outdoor Strobe can be incorporated to meet many new state regulations such as Alyssa’s Law and ensure ADA compliance.


Allyn Donigian Director of Marketing

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