Exciting News From CyberData: The New Multicast Speaker Retailing For Under $240 Is Here!

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Designed to work with on-prem PBX Servers or VoIP phones enabled with Multicast paging ability, CyberData’s Multicast Speaker offers a new and cost-effective paging speaker at a price that will meet the most conservative of budgets, while maintaining CyberData’s reputation for delivering quality VoIP endpoints.

Monterey, CA - CyberData Corporation made a stunning announcement today that it was releasing the first Multicast Speaker retailing for under $240. This is unusual and unexpected in an industry that has seen rising costs for SIP-enabled VoIP paging speakers. Unique with this release is CyberData’s steadfast mandate to ensure the speaker, once released, would carry a competitive price and deliver the crucial functions needed in any environment requiring paging.

Multicast refers to a group communication mechanism where audio data can be transmitted to multiple destinations simultaneously. The Multicast Speaker works with on-premise PBX servers or VoIP phones that support multicast. CyberData is uniquely positioned with this latest release, as the new Multicast Speaker will also work with CyberData’s SIP Paging Server with Bell Scheduler and the recently released Multicast Microphone.

In an environment where tariffs and rising costs are now a reality, CyberData held to its primary goal: Release a cost-competitive speaker with the essential features and quality of a CyberData VoIP endpoint.

“We’ve been working on this device for quite some time, and it seems the timing couldn’t be better,” said Phil Lembo, President and CEO of CyberData. He continued, “We’ve been listening to what our customers and Distributor/VAR network have been telling us. And what they’ve been telling us is that customers need another option. Maybe they don’t need all the bells and whistles of traditional SIP Speakers that may require a per unit license fee. They want and need a PoE powered Network Speaker with the ability to page.”

Additional features include paging prioritization and background music, support for 10 multicast groups, web-based configuration and configurable event generation for device health and status monitoring. These are all critical features required by customers such as schools and universities and CyberData was cognizant of these requirements during the development of the device.

This first release of 2019 for CyberData portends more releases of unique and cost-effective paging and secure access control devices. The new Multicast Speaker begins shipping in late January and will be on display in live demos at upcoming shows such as ITExpo in Ft Lauderdale and EnterpriseConnect in Orlando.

To learn more about CyberData’s Multicast Speaker or any device in CyberData’s line of VoIP endpoints, please visit the Multicast Product Page.

About CyberData Corporation:
CyberData Corporation, in business since 1974, has been a leading OEM design and manufacturing firm that develops peripheral devices for VoIP phone systems that facilitate legacy migration to VoIP, provides IP equivalents to existing analog phone devices and delivers Unified Communications-based Application Specific Endpoints.
Contact: Allyn Donigian

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