CyberData’s New Network Managed SIP Dual Relay Controller Offers Enhanced Facility Security and Notification

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April 19, 2022 - Monterey, CA – CyberData Corporation has announced the release of their latest SIP-enabled access control device, the SIP Dual Relay Controller. The 011484 SIP Dual Relay Controller manages two high amperage relays for the locking and unlocking of doors or gates and can create a notification based on the activation and deactivation of a sensor, such as for humidity, moisture, or heat. The device works as part of a network-managed IP security infrastructure designed for use in areas where additional security is required or where the presence of a person or a two-way communication device is not available.

Secure Access

As a secure access device, a user can enter a DTMF code on their VoIP phone or press a doorbell or remote call button, such as CyberData’s 011508 Remote Call Button (purchased separately) to activate the relay and unlock the door for entry.


When a visitor presses a doorbell or a sensor is activated, the 011484 SIP Dual Relay Controller makes a SIP call and plays a stored audio message via multicast over endpoints such as, “visitor at door two” or “heat sensor alert, network room three”. Users can then activate the relay to take additional action such as turning on a fan by entering a DTMF on a VoIP phone or utilizing a separately purchased doorbell or remote call button.

It has been a busy year for CyberData, and this is the third release for the long-established IP endpoint company. “Between COVID and supply chain issues, it’s been a chaotic past two years. Fortunately, we have not been impacted by these interruptions, giving us time to finetune our goals and strategy in determining CyberData’s direction in the next 3, 5, and even 10 years down the road,” said Phil Lembo, President & CEO of CyberData. He continued, “I see IoT – Internet of Things – increasing with importance as part of a comprehensive notification and secure access solution for any organization, regardless of size. The new SIP Dual Relay Controller is a step in that direction. The relays can manage doors for secure access, as well as give users the option to activate a device upon receipt of a notification that a sensor was triggered.”

CyberData will begin shipping the SIP Dual Relay Controller immediately. For more information, please visit

Allyn Donigian
Director of Marketing

About CyberData
Founded in 1974 and based in Monterey, California, CyberData Corporation is a leading IP Endpoint design and manufacturing firm with a focus on developing peripheral devices for VoiP phone systems. They build products that facilitate legacy migration to VoiP, IP equivalents to existing analog devices, and application specific endpoints that add new functionality. Their VoiP products, such as IP Speakers, IP Horns, and IP intercoms, are cost-effective and easy to manage solutions for VoiP phone systems.

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