CyberData’s New Intercom Offers Touch-free Two-way Communication and Access Control

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March 2022 Monterey, CA – CyberData Corporation, celebrating its 48th year in business, announced today the release of a new SIP-enabled Indoor Intercom offering touch-free two-way communication and access control, all with a wave of the hand.

CyberData’s SIP Hand Wave Indoor Intercom offers the ability to make a phone call and engage in a two-way conversation by simply waving your hand. The new Intercom is designed for interior spaces requiring an increased level of security such as within medical facilities and research laboratories, retail establishments, schools, and universities.

CyberData leads the industry when it comes to developing and delivering quality SIP-enabled endpoints such as speakers and intercoms that utilize the VoIP network to facilitate two-way communication, paging, emergency notification and access control. With optimism for the new year, CyberData is focused on expanding their product line with new offerings to reflect the new functions and features required due to a global pandemic, such as distancing and touch-free communication. Following almost two years of successfully delivering product to customers in a tumultuous and uncertain environment, CyberData has utilized the time to develop new devices scheduled for release in 2022, and expand new programs, such as the Reseller & Installer Certification Program launched in late 2020.

“We had a better-than-expected 2021, and that has allowed us to focus time and resources on some new releases and additional offerings,” stated Phil Lembo, President & CEO of CyberData. “We’ve heard from customers wanting Intercom options that reflect new health and safety protocols, and our new touch-free Intercom delivers the communication functionality they need, while adhering to stricter safety protocols around two-way communication and access control. Having a device that can allow for a conversation or provide notification of a visitor just by waving your hand, is pretty desirable for a host of environments,” he continued.

A video-enabled version, the SIP h.264 Video Hand Wave Indoor Intercom, is scheduled for release in the spring and provides for h.264 video communication with a 72-degree field of view. Both Intercoms offer clear two-way audio, increasing the security of any VoIP installation.

CyberData will begin shipping the SIP Hand Wave Indoor Intercom immediately, with the SIP h.264 Video Hand Wave Indoor Intercom following in April. For more information, please visit

Allyn Donigian
Director of Marketing

About CyberData
Founded in 1974 and based in Monterey, California, CyberData Corporation is a leading IP Endpoint design and manufacturing firm with a focus on developing peripheral devices for VoiP phone systems. They build products that facilitate legacy migration to VoiP, IP equivalents to existing analog devices, and application specific endpoints that add new functionality. Their VoiP products, such as IP Speakers, IP Horns, and IP intercoms, are cost-effective and easy to manage solutions for VoiP phone systems.

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