CyberData Expands Product Line, Offers New Lower-cost VoIP SIP/Multicast Speakers

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Monterey, CA – CyberData - The IP Endpoint Company has expanded their line and has introduced the most cost-competitive, low-cost, feature-packed SIP and Multicast Speakers on the market. The new VoIP SIP/Multicast Ceiling and Wall Mount Speakers are PoE-powered and offer customers the ability to utilize their VoIP network infrastructure to facilitate live paging, ringing and emergency notification, via SIP or Multicast. Separate mounting hardware is not required, making them easy to install and offering additional cost savings.

Live paging and emergency notification are critical to any organization, regardless of their size. For 16 years, CyberData has been the leader in developing and delivering IP endpoints that meet customer needs and with this release, CyberData offers a more cost-competitive option for paging and notification.

“Customers need more choices when it comes to paging in their environment. While devices like our premium SIP Speakers offer added functionality, customers have told us they simply require a cost-effective standard SIP and Multicast Speaker that is dependable, easy to install and easy to manage,” said Phil Lembo, President & CEO of CyberData. He added, “We’re responding to the market, and these new speakers deliver what customers have been asking for. Many small to medium size organizations forego migrating to SIP endpoints right away after spending money on a new VoIP system. Here’s a way for those organizations to get the most out of their VoIP system while minding their budget, and ensuring their staff, customers, or patients receive timely announcements.”

CyberData maintains a robust line of VoIP SIP and Multicast Speakers, including options for InformaCast® and Intrado (Syn-Apps) environments, and these new speaker offerings add an additional and extremely competitive price point for customers with paging needs.

CyberData is celebrating its 48th year in business and Phil Lembo sees wonderful opportunities for 2022, with plans for additional releases. “Our new Certified Resellers have really helped us explore this market in a much more targeted way and are providing us with valuable insight into what customers are asking for. Interop testing with other VoIP systems continues to be a focus and creates mutually beneficial partnerships. I think 2022 will be a year in which companies will look to build more sustaining partnerships to expand their business and tap into the resources and knowledge those collaborations bring. You will see more examples of that from CyberData in the coming year.”

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Allyn Donigian
Director of Marketing

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