CyberData Careers - Electronics Bench Repair Technician

SUMMARY: Organizes, plans, and conducts board level repair and testing activities related to the rework and preparation of electronics products for sale. This position requires extensive electronics troubleshooting theory and practical experience. Additionally, must be able to read/interpret schematics, bill of materials and be versed in the use of bench electronics troubleshooting equipment and tools.

 Troubleshooting, Repair and Testing of Embedded Controller Boards (~60% of Time)

  • Repair or replace electronic components at the board level, including but not limited to processors, memory, regulators, passives and other PCBA components.
  • Troubleshoot and test electronic components at the board level using various methods; test bench equipment and tools, including multimeters, scopes, logic analyzers, signal generators and power supplies.
  • Repair controller boards, hubs, and power supplies.
  • Troubleshoot and repair of POE networks and related components.
  • Confirm that components that have defects are tagged, repaired, burned in, and returned to inventory.
  • Use problem solving skills to improve quality and output.

Product Programming and Testing (~20% of Time)

  • Perform assembly and build products with components that include circuit boards, wiring, speakers, microphones, LED lights, and switches.
  • Read and interpret schematics, datasheets, BOMs, manufacturing manuals, work orders, and specifications.
  • Using a PC, load software and read test results. Use basic fixtures for testing and multimeter for measuring voltage and continuity.
  • Test functional performance of products to ensure conformance to manufacturing manual requirements.
  • Tag components that fail testing; swap out for new components

 Final Testing and Packaging (~15% of Time)

  • Perform final inspection of assembled products, ensuring completion of testing/assembly steps and inclusion of kits/documentation.
  • Pack finished products for shipment.

 Additional Duties/Special Projects (~ 5% of Time)

  • Attend morning Production Planning meetings. Provide detailed status of repair work completed (via Excel spreadsheet) to the Production Manager.
  • Assist in warehouse work, such as helping unload and stock large shipments receive

Job Requirements:

  • Passed IPC-A-610 and demonstrate advanced SMT soldering skills
  • Associates degree in Electronics Technology (preferred, but not required)
  • At least 5 years working as an electronics technician
  • Experience with embedded controller boards; including processors, oscillators, memory, PoE networks, audio and video circuits, amplifiers, and voltage regulators
  • Computer skills: MS Office Suite, MRP, and terminal programs (Linux), SIP/IP Networks (preferred but not required)
  • Experience testing small components using quality assurance procedures and equipment
  • Must be able to read and interpret schematics, manufacturing manuals and drawings (written in English), for a wide variety of devices and components
  • Assembly experience using basic hand tools and test fixtures
  • Ability to work efficiently in a highly demanding, team-oriented, and fast paced environment
  • Experience working in assembly teams and with engineers

Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Must be well organized and a self-starter
  • Must be reliable and accurate
  • Must be comfortable working with hand tools
  • Must be even-tempered and collaborative
  • Must have the ability to quickly learn new tasks and equipment
  • Must be willing to communicate with team members and management when product or process issues are noticed

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