New Releases from CyberData:2 x 2 Ceiling Tile Drop-In Speakers

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June 15, 2020

Monterey, CA - CyberData Corporation has announced today the release of four new 2 x 2 Ceiling Tile Drop-In Speakers that can be installed into any environment needing paging and mass notification using a VoIP network. The new speakers are available as SIP, InformaCast Enabled, and Syn-Apps Enabled. Additionally, an Auxiliary Analog option is available that can be connected to any SIP, InformaCast or Syn-Apps Enabled speaker to increase coverage.

These new 2 x 2 Ceiling Tile Drop-In Speakers eliminate the need for cutting into drop ceilings, simplifying installation and offering an all-in-one mounted speaker, ready to be installed into any standard drop ceiling.

The features and functions of the newly released speakers are the same as our current, non-mounted speakers. The added benefit is that they are available as a 2 x 2 standard size for drop ceilings, offering an affordable and time-saving option when it comes to installation.

“While we’ve not experienced a decrease in activity amidst the pandemic and nationwide Shelter in Place requirements, we have seen an increase in requests for additional options or new devices that can meet a customer’s immediate needs, especially as they relate to providing timely and critical notification to customers and employees,” stated Phil Lembo, President and CEO of CyberData. “Our message to our customers and to the market is that we hear your requests and fortunately have the experience and flexibility to respond quickly to market demands.”

The Speaker releases are as follows:


011520 SIP 2 x 2 Ceiling Tile Drop-In Speaker


011521 InformaCast Enabled 2 x 2 Ceiling Tile Drop-In Speaker


011522 Syn-Apps Enabled 2 x 2 Ceiling Tile Drop-In Speaker

Auxiliary Analog

011523 Auxiliary Analog 2 x 2 Ceiling Tile Drop-In Speaker

Speakers will begin shipping the week of June 15, and CyberData has plans for more releases for the balance of the year. Our Design Services team is available to take your calls at 831-373-2601, x334.

Allyn Donigian

CyberData Corporation

831-373-2601, x131

Click here for the pdf of this information.

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