CyberData introduces CyberSoftPhone – a free video soft phone made for Windows to use with the just released SIP-enabled H.264 Video Intercoms

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For customers who do not have a VoIP phone system, or do not want to buy an expensive VoIP Video phone, but still need secure access control and two-way audio/video communication, this is the most cost-effective solution when combined with one of CyberData’s Door Strike Relay options.

Don’t have a VoIP phone system or a video phone? We’ve taken care of that!
When configured in Point to Point mode, the CyberSoftPhone enables users to set up the new SIP H.264 Video Intercoms without a VoIP phone system. With this new set up, a person can press the call button on the Intercom, and your PC can receive the call and see the video! The user can then use the keypad on the CyberSoftPhone to send DTMF commands to open a door using CyberData’s 011269 Door Strike Intermediate Relay or the new 011375 Network Dual Door Strike Relay.

To download CyberSoftPhone, please visit the download tabs of the web pages for our 011410 Sip-enabled Outdoor H.264 Video Intercom, or the 011414 SIP-enabled Outdoor H.264 Video Keypad Intercom.

To learn more about and to configure the devices in Point to Point mode, please click here:

Using the CyberData SIP-enabled h.264 Video Outdoor Intercom in Point-to-Point Mode

For more information, click here.

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