Announcing CyberData’s New Singlewire Adapter

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CyberData Corporation today announced its latest release: the Singlewire Paging Adapter, for use with Singlewire’s paging and emergency notification software InformaCast® or InformaCast CK.

The Singlewire Paging Adapter provides a direct connection to legacy analog paging systems enabling InformaCast paging events to be broadcast. The on-board relay can be controlled using InformaCast GPI/O commands or can be set to activate when a page has begun.

The new CyberData Singlewire Paging Adapter (SPA) is the latest in the line of Singlewire-enabled devices CyberData is offering. With 10k Ohm line out and 600 Ohm connectors for interfacing with analog amplifiers, the Singlewire Paging Adapter offers customers with existing analog paging systems a cost-effective device to help maintain their current infrastructure. Like the most recent release, the Singlewire-enabled Strobe, a visual alerting device, the Singlewire Paging Adapter augments what is already a full line of paging and mass notification endpoints developed by CyberData specifically for Informacast customers.

“The need is there, and the requests keep coming,” said Phil Lembo, President of CyberData. “Whenever we release a new SIP device, we quickly get requests to provide a Singlewire-enabled version of that device. We see this need, especially within school environments, and we’re able to deliver.”

Detailed information on the Singlewire Paging Adapter, Singlewire-enabled Strobe, and all CyberData SIP and Singlewire-enabled PoE devices can be found at

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