The Connecting to Compatible Analog Amplifiers Chart provides links to documents that describe how to connect analog amplifiers to CyberData VoIP products.
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SIP Paging Adapter ** NEW RELEASE **
The CyberData SIP Paging Adapter is a VoIP endpoint that interfaces analog paging systems with SIP and Multicast-based audio sources. Up to nine user-loadable, stored audio files can be played by a DTMF tone.
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SIP-enabled IP Paging Gateway
The CyberData SiP-enabled IP Paging Gateway is Powered over Ethernet (PoE 802.3af or 802.3at) and allows the use of legacy analog zone paging amplifiers when converting to a VoIP system. The Gateway is compatible with most SIP-based IP/PBX servers that comply with the SIP RFC 3261. The Gateway is powered via PoE 802.3af (no external power supply is needed).
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SIP-enabled IP V3 Paging Zone Controller with 4-Port Audio Out ** NEW PRODUCT **
The CyberData SIP-enabled IP V3 Zone Controller with Audio-Out enables access to existing paging speakers through a VoIP phone system. The interface is designed to use a standard paging amplifier with audio inputs and supports paging up to 15 zone groups from a VoIP phone.
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Innovative Concepts in Peripheral Connectivity
SIP-enabled IP to Analog Paging Devices
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