CyberData Corporation designs and manufactures peripheral devices for VoIP phone systems. We build products that facilitate legacy migration to VoIP, IP equivalents to existing analog devices, and application specific endpoints that add new functionality. Our VoIP products, such as Paging Gateways, IP Speakers, IP authentication devices are cost-effective and easy to manage solutions for VoIP phone systems.

 VoIP Product Categories

SIP-enabled IP to Analog Paging Endpoints
SIP-enabled IP Paging gateways and zone controllers with audio out allow you to utilize existing analog paging amplifiers and speakers and provide an easy method for implementing an IP-based paging system for both new and legacy installations.

SIP-enabled IP Paging Endpoints (with Night Ringer)
CyberData’s SIP-enabled IP Paging endpoints, such as our IP Speakers, IP Amplifiers or Paging Server are Powered over Ethernet mass notification devices that are perfect in a variety of environments. They provide an easy method for implementing IP based one way or two way paging for VoIP Phone Systems.

SIP-enabled IP Intercoms (with Night Ringer)
Our line of Powered over Ethernet two-way communication IP Intercoms offered in a variety of options: one button, keypad, indoor and outdoor. These intercoms can also be used for secure access control as well be part of your mass communication solution.

SIP-enabled IP Notification Endpoints
These IP event notification devices are perfect in settings requiring visual alerting (SIP Strobe) or a panic button (SIP Call Button) for unanticipated events that can happen in settings such as courtrooms, banks, and classrooms.

Singlewire Informacast/Berbee-enabled Endpoints
Latest IP-based speaker for use with Singlewire's Informacast® and Informacast CK software.

Syn-Apps enabled Endpoints
Latest IP-based speaker for use with Syn-Apps SA-Announce software.

Coming Soon! New SIP-enabled IP Devices soon to be released
The future of VoIP products is exciting and growing rapidly. Get a sneak peek at the products CyberData has on the drawing board and those close to being released for production.

OEM Endpoints
OEM Endpoints include a wireless pendant and a Cisco VoIP Module with 3-track card reader, RFID reader and laser scanner.

Accessories for speaker mounts both ceiling and wall, PoE power injectors and an ethernet switch.

Networking Products
CyberData's expertise in Networking communications include WiFi and 802.3u Ethernet.

End-of-Life CyberData Endpoints
Here are the End-of-Life CyberData products that are no longer being sold, but are still supported.

Innovative Concepts in Peripheral Connectivity
VoIP Products