The CyberData SIP-enabled IP Outdoor Intercom is a Power over Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) and VoIP (Voice over IP) two-way communication and door entry device. The Intercom easily connects into existing local area networks with a single cable connection and is compatible with most SIP-based IP PBX servers that comply with RFC 3261.

The VoIP Intercom can be configured as a Night Ringer with two SIP extensions. One extension can be assigned to a page group for auto answer paging. The second extension can be assigned to a “First-to-Answer” Night Ring group with IP phones. An audio ring file is activated when the second SIP extension of the Intercom is dialed. If any of the IP phones in the ring group is answered (or if the caller hangs up), the Intercom stops ringing.

Standard night ringer function can be utilized as detailed in the Operation Guide.

Additional features include priority-based multicast support, push to talk function, night ringer function and event reporting, as well as firmware uploads via the web. For the latest firmware release, please go to the Downloads tab.

Innovative Concepts in Peripheral Connectivity
SIP-enabled IP Outdoor Intercom (with Night Ringer)
A Powered over Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) and VoIP two-way communication device
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SIP or multicast compatible
Night Ringer function
Dual speed 10/100 Mbps
POE 802.3af
Network firmware upgradeable
Network volume adjustable
Network microphone sensitivity adjust
Power-over-ethernet enabled
Tamper proof
Optional Torx screws with driver kit
Dry contact relay
This is an End-of-Life product.
Click here to see the newest version.
This is an End-of-Life product.
Click here to see the newest version.