Connecting to Compatible Analog Amplifiers

This chart provides links to documents that describe how to connect analog amplifiers to CyberData VoIP products.

Please contact VoIP Technical Support for devices that are not listed in this matrix.


This is a clickable link to a pdf that describe how to connect the specific analog amplifier to the specific CyberData VoIP product.
It is not possible to connect the specific analog amplifier to the specific CyberData VoIP product.
This connection option is currently under review.
R This product is a direct replacement for the specific analog amplifier.


Connecting to Compatible Analog Amplifiers
Manufacturer Model SIP Paging Adapter

Part #011233

SIP Paging Server

Part #011146

SIP Paging Zone Controller

Part #011171

InformaCast Enabled Paging Adapter
Part #011280
Advanced Visual Solutions LTD EDH04
Advantage DP/M 28
Australian Monitor Integration Intelligence AMC+ Series (AMC+30/60/120/250)
Asaji 1094
AT&T PagePac Plus/Plus 6 Controller
AT&T Page Pac Plus Amplicenter
AT&T PagePac 20
AT&T PagePal
Atlas AA120M
Atlas AA100PHD
Atlas AA200PHD/AA400PHD
Atlas Sound ASP-MG24
Audio Telex AT60
Behringer SN2408
Bogen Black Max X300/X600/X450
Bogen C10/C35/C60/C100
Bogen CC4041
Bogen CC4052
Bogen GS35/GS60/GS100/GS150/GS250
Bogen HTA250
Bogen M-Class Series
Bogen MCP35A
Bogen PCM2000
Bogen TAMB2 R R R
Bogen TBA15
Bogen TPU-15A
Bogen TPU-35/60/100/250
Bogen TU35/60/100A
Bogen UTI
Bogen UTI312
Bogen ZPM3-9
Bosch EA-AMP-12D-45A
Bosch LBB 1990/00
Bosch PLE-1ME120
Bosch PLE-2MA120-EU

Bose FreeSpace DXA 2120
Burtek BA-10
Clarity SWM-15A
Clarity SWM-35A/SWM-60A/SWM-100A
Cooper Wheelock AA-20/AA-40
Crown 180MA/280MA/1160MA
DA Series BOWS
Dukane 1A1335-35WATT


Grommes~Precision AXIOM 250
Grommes~Precision BASIX 15/30
Grommes~Precision BASIX 60/125
Grommes~Precision GT 60C/125C
Grommes~Precision GTC Series
Grommes~Precision PST Series
Grommes~Precision PST30A
Inter-M PA-2000A/4000A/6000A
Jeil JPA-120A/240A
J.W. Davis DA-30A
Lucent 35W/100W
Lucent 250W
McGohan MSB 103
MEM Audio MD35M
Monoprice 18802
Norelco TPA40
Norelco TPA120
Nuvo NV-A4
OSD Audio PA90
Panasonic WA-740A
Paso DMA-2015 / 2030 / 2060 / 2120
Paso DMA-3060 / 3120
Paso DMS Series
Paso Series 3000
Peavey CS 800
Peavey MMA 8150T
Peavey MMA 8752
Peavey UA 35T II
Penton AMP60/AMP120
Precision_Electronics WM60/WM100/WM125
Pyle Home PCM30A/60A
Pyle Pro PT610
Pyramid PA-305
QSC CX1102
Radio Design Labs FP-PA20A
Radio Design Labs ST-DA3
RadioShack/Realistic MPA-50
Speco P-60FACD
Speco PBM-15 / PBM-30
Speco PL200M
Speco PL260a
Speco PMM-60A / PMM-120A
Telecor TEL 125/250
TOA 500 Series
TOA 700 Series
TOA 900 Series
TOA 900 Series / BG-10
TOA 9000
TOA A-1031
TOA BG-115 / BG-130
TOA BG-220 / BG-235
TOA BG-1015/1030/1060/1120
TOA BG-2035/2060/2120
TOA BG-2240D
Torque Audio 2U Pro 2CH Power Amplifier
Unique NED 20/40/100
University Sound 1810 Amplifier
Valcom Class-Connection Intercom
Valcom Page Pac 6
Valcom V-1101A
Valcom V-1030C/V-1036C
Valcom V-1094/V-2994
Valcom V-2000A
Valcom V-2001A
Valcom V-2003A
Valcom V-2006A
Valcom V-2924
Valcom V-9937
Valcom CV-1109RTVA
Valcom SimplexGrinnell S5120-9180
Valcom V-9964
Viking CPA-7B
Viking M2W
Viking PA-15
Viking PA-2A
Viking PI-1 and PI-1A Universal Telecom/Paging Interface
Viking ZPI-4
Wheelock TPA-20/TPA-35