Voice Over IP Solution: School Campus


Solution: School Campus

CyberData’s SIP-enabled IP Paging devices provide a cost-effective way to implement IP based paging and event notification. Whether the scenario is a nursing care facility, a small office, or a medium to large sized manufacturing operation, with multiple locations requiring mass notification, utilizing CyberData’s IP paging technology as part of your overall solution will deliver sophisticated and innovative results in a cost-effective manner.

Here are some successfully implemented solutions based on real-life installations as recommended by CyberData. We are in the process of augmenting this page and expanding it to include more “Solution” stories, so if you have a story you’d like to share, we’d like to hear it! Please contact us for consideration.

School Campus Manufacturing Plant Assisted Living Facility Small Office Retail Store
A local high school with 600 students has upgraded their phone and PBX systems. A complete revamping of their mass notification system will be installed during summer break. Paramount is the ability for paging announcements to classrooms and common areas throughout the school, as well as secure access to storage, office, and entrance locations.


We recommend VoIP Ceiling Speakers within every classroom to allow for mass notification. The speakers can be integrated with the Clock Kit. Throughout the hallways, VoIP Ceiling Speakers enable general announcements.

Indoor, Outdoor, Emergency and Keypad Intercoms at entrance locations around the school allow for two-way communication and secure access.

For loud and noisy environments, such as the gym, and also outdoor parking areas, Loudspeaker Amplifiers connected to outdoor speakers or mini loudspeaker horns allow for paging pre-recorded as well as general announcements.

CyberData’s IP-based classroom clocks and communication endpoints can meet the requirements of most schools’ operational paging needs.

As SIP or MultiCast endpoints, CyberData VoIP products install seamlessly into an IP-based phone system or can be driven from a number of 3rd party paging and event notification software products supported by the CyberData endpoints.

CyberData products provide a cost effective way to implement IP based paging and event notification.

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