CyberData specializes in custom made specialty cables for a wide range of cable assemblies. Our engineering expertise and broad manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce cables for critical specifications, hostile environments, extreme temperatures and other demanding applications.

010836A Cable, Hosiden-M to Hosiden-M, 3ft, Black, RoHS Compliant

010839 Cable, USB(A) & 2MM DC Socket TO 12V 2X4, 13ft, Black

010874 Cable, USB 2.0 - Dual Power "Y" TO Mini-B - 12IN - Black - RoHS

010864 Cable, Power Cord Splitter - 6FT to "Y" with 2FT legs - Black - RoHS

010813 - USB 2.0 to Serial (Epson dark grey) - 3M

010812 - Epson 003 Cable Adaptor - This RoHS compliant adaptor allows a standard DB-9 to DB-9 cable to be used
when connecting to a serial Epson printer.

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