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Acrovista is the Maker of the BellCommander School Bell System, and their flagship product is used by hundreds of schools, factories, stores, and businesses for scheduled audio, live paging, and emergency notification to CyberData IP Paging Endpoints. BellCommander is popular in K-12 schools, which use BellCommander and CyberData IP speakers and horns for school bells and paging. BellCommander features a flexible scheduler, which supports unlimited day schedules and over 200 events per day schedule.

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Scheduled Announcements and Bell Scheduler for Microsoft Lync

Computer Instruments

CI’s e-IVR IP Web Phone Pager application along with the optional Announcement Scheduling for Avaya CM and IP Office users, permits pre-scheduled announcements or alerts via individual IP end-points or IP Pager groups. Cyberdata Corporation’s IP Ceiling Speaker along with thee-IVR IP Web Phone Pager application will give users an expanded use of their application in an overhead paging environment.


MessageNet Connections unifies safety and security systems with everyday and emergency communications systems. Connections can integrate with technology you already have to form a powerful system that uses devices across the organization. These devices include PA systems, SIP devices, fire panels, Voice EVAC, and access control systems.


Singlewire’s Informacast for Cisco Call Manager users provides a cost effective solution to your paging needs, allowing you to manage it within the framework of your existing IT systems. Also, when you need to send an announcement, it’s as simple as picking up the phone, pushing a few buttons, and speaking your announcement. InformaCast is a proven solution, implemented by over 3,000 organizations worldwide. We give you the ability to send overhead announcements to CyberData IP Paging Amplifiers, IP speakers and even the IP Intercoms. Whether you’re connecting to an existing legacy paging system, building a new facility, or in need of a solution to connect your old and new systems together, we can help.

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Syn-Apps’s SA-Announce, in a Cisco Call Manager environment, provides text and audio-based paging and mass notification services in real-time or scheduled intervals. Cyberdata IP Speakers and Paging Amplifiers when integrated with Syn-Apps’ SA-Announce, delivers a more robust solution to all public and private sector enterprises concerned with mass notification, including the large enterprise and SMB market, as well as education, government and healthcare markets. The Cyberdata Syn-Apps Enabled IP speaker is also compatible with the CyberData/Syn-Apps Paging Relay and offers background and streaming music.

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ThreeSixty has been focused on protecting our most precious resources for more than 20 years. ThreeSixty, previously known as Teradon Industries, a software based Content Distribution and Classroom Media Management manufacturing company based in beautiful Albuquerque, NM. The concept behind the distribution and management was to develop a user friendly, software driven system to deliver content to the classroom. The idea and product delivery was so well received and adopted that Teradon was approached to design a flexible, software driven school intercom and paging system. The intercom system became a huge success and led to the development of other products and the expansion into a national competitor in the communications marketplace.

Threesixty IP Endpoints

Unified Communications Application Partners


LiteScape Technologies is the leading developer of Unified Communications (UC) Applications for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-enabled environments. Offering solutions for the retail, government, financial, healthcare and education verticals, LiteScape enables secure, real-time collaboration comprised of voice, data, and image streams that can be coordinated and simultaneously delivered to various IP Cyberdata Endpoints.


Radianta solutions encompass a broad spectrum of business elements ranging from Enterprise Intelligence and Application Integration to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Unified Communications applications. Utilizing open standards and industry-recognized programming environments, Radianta delivers solutions that make a difference.

Microsoft Lync Integration Partners


Until now there has not been an easy and affordable way to provide an IP Paging/Access Control solution for Microsoft Lync users. Patton and CyberData have partnered to offer IP Paging/Access Control solution for Microsoft Lync with the Patton SmartNode Gateway series. Recently certified with Microsoft Lync, the Patton SmartNode Gateway provides the necessary gateway between the noncertified CyberData IP Paging/Access Control device and Microsoft Lync. Adding a new IP Paging/Access Control station can be as simple as attaching a station to the existing network infrastructure and back to the Patton SmartNode Gateway.

Microsoft® Lync Server 2010 with CyberData Paging Systems using Patton’s SmartNode™ Product Line